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Possession Retrieval

Access to UNSAFE buildings is granted only with written permission of the building official. When an owner or occupant requests permission to retrieve possessions, the building official uses the comments on the evaluation forms to form an appropriate response to the request.

As a member of a safety assessment team, remember that your primary function is to evaluate the safety of buildings or structures for occupancy. Your role as an evaluator DOES NOT include duties related to possession retrieval.

  • Do not provide recommendations relating to possession retrieval. The jurisdiction decides whether to grant access. Safety assessment personnel assist the jurisdiction officials by providing factual information on the evaluation forms.

  • Do not provide escort for owners/tenants. If the jurisdiction requires an escort program, the escorts should be from the local police, fire, or building departments, not from the Safety Assessment staff.

  • Do not retrieve possessions for owners/tenants. If a tenant or owner asks you to retrieve possessions, simply refer them to the local jurisdictional official who is responsible for the Safety Assessment Program. You do not have liability protection as an SAP Evaluator if you agree to retrieve possessions.



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